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A Community Effort

Kairos parents aren’t left to homeschool all on their own. Whether through materials, seminars, events, MAPEH classes, or regular communication, we help our parents experience the benefits of an educational community.

Stuck on a certain subject? Our teachers and fellow families are right here in the thick of it with you. Need friendship and encouragement? Whom better to befriend than parents and children who understand exactly what you’re going through?

Homeschooling is not lone schooling. Let Kairos be the Christian, Chinese community your child needs.

Structure vs. Freedom

Homeschooling without guidance or structure can be a daunting experience. Kairos simplifies the work for our families by providing curriculum, training, and community for all students and parents. By pre-dividing each year’s studies into four quarters, Kairos helps families focus on teaching one step at a time. By developing all tests, exams, and daily work requirements ahead of time, we let our parents invest themselves in the most valuable area of all: spending time to teach and enjoy their children.

Kairos strives to provide structure for families through our scheduling, curriculum, and group activities. At the same time, families may be as flexible as desired in teaching different subjects within each assigned quarter. Freedom and structure coexist to create the best possible educational opportunities for our students.

Parent-Child Tandem

Homeschooling, at its heart, is parent-led, home-based education. At Kairos, we enable families through curriculum, seminars, and teaching materials to work towards the best possible home environment for their children’s schooling. Kairos parents teach and guide their kids in person, often experiencing new lessons along with their kids!

Committed parents are the very best teachers students can have. By providing whatever we can to help families reach their homeschooling goals, we strive to make lifelong learning a possibility for all of our beloved families. When the kids learn, the parents do too!

From Every Walk of Life

Homeschooling is a calling that comes to families at different times of their lives. Whether your family is currently holding a newborn, reconsidering conventional school, or facing a change in lifestyle – homeschooling can be that window into several bright new worlds. There is no limit to the vocations of parents who can homeschool, and there is no limit on where children learn.

No matter where or how the Lord calls your family, may each chapter be an opportunity to grow together!

A Family Experience

How many hours does one homeschool in a day? It’s never easy to quantify something as ingrained into a family’s lifestyle as educating at home. Homeschooling changes a family’s lifestyle and makes constant learning something that the whole household, top to bottom, lives and breathes.

When you’re on the road, read signs and explore new horizons. When you’re ready for the night, learn Bible stories and good health habits. When you’re doing groceries, just start reciting that multiplication table all over again. The joy of growth and discovery is never limited by time or location!

First Time for Everything

The first year of homeschooling is the most decisive for families, and Kairos tries to make it work for you. Not sure how to homeschool? Not a problem.

For families with children 3 years of age, our nursery program includes all learning materials and four skills-based assessments sessions. Parents join our training seminars and workshops as we help you to foster your child’s growth in behavioral, cognitive, academic, language, and physical development. Even young children can learn great things.

For families with older children, we serve you by providing all learning materials and regular checkpoints in the form of quarter exams. Students do their daily work at home before coming to school for exams four weeks each year. It helps to know how your child is doing!

Don’t let the thought overwhelm you. There’s a first time for everything, and we’re right here to help.


CLASS Days are a signature event for Kairos and all our enrolled families.  Once every three weeks, students come to the Kairos center to enjoy stories, friendships, fun, and access to special learning. Each letter represents something great!

C – Chapel. Every CLASS Day, students learn important stories that encourage specific character traits. Teachers share Biblical and moral narratives that help pave the way to nurturing a child’s heart.

L – Library. The Kairos library currently stocks over 200 titles and is constantly adding more. A good book is a child’s best friend! Enrolled students are allowed to borrow up to 5 books at a time, for return during the next CLASS Day.

A – Activities. With so many families gathered together, Kairos maximizes these occasions by highlighting them with special activities. From group games to crafts, from performances to decorating, students experience collaborative projects that allow them to meet friends, make friends, and make special memories.

S – Submissions. Families enrolled in Kindergarten and upwards are allowed and encouraged to submit their tests and projects as students progress. There’s nothing more satisfactory than handing in a job well done! Test scores are emailed to families within a week of submission.

S – Support. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Teachers and other parents make themselves available each time to share tips, reference content, and provide encouragement. Ask our faculty any questions or concerns, and meet your partners in Kairos!

Hand in Hand

It takes a village to raise a child. These words hold true from generation to generation. From ancient times to today, children have needed a social context for growth – and a place to come of age in character and knowledge. For different homeschooling families, this “village” comprises various combinations of family, co-ops, churches, neighborhoods, and online communities.

At Kairos, we strive to provide constant support in every facet for both our parents and students. Let us be your village! Through phone calls, emails, texts, and social media, we reach out to our families on a regular basis. Through CLASS Days, field trips, special classes, and academic support, we walk with you, hand in hand, on your homeschool journey.

Homeschooling does not need to be a lonely endeavor! Let your child grow in the right village today.


“What about socialization?”

The question is often repeated to every single homeschool family, regardless of age, time, or location. Well-meaning loved ones often worry that children who do not regularly attend a traditional classroom will end up with no friends.

That feared result could not be further from the truth.

By allowing children to spend time both with each other and with their families, homeschooling is the perfect opportunity to experience both vertical and horizontal socialization. At Kairos, families meet at least once a month to let students enjoy time with other students. Through age-integrated activities, children become friends with both other kids and adults. Parents learn from each other as they share teaching tips and special materials.

Friends don’t always come into our lives the way we expect. The joy of homeschooling can be shared among teachers, parents, and students alike!

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