1. What curriculum does KHA use?

Kairos Homeschool Academy uses a specialized curriculum curated from publishers around the world. Click here for a quick view on what subjects are required for each grade level.

2. Is the curriculum individualized?

At this moment, Kairos still does not offer individualized curriculum. Parents are welcome, however, to use our many resources, facilities, and references to tailor their child’s learning even further for his or her needs.

3. Could students accelerate grade levels in KHA?

Kairos does not allow students to skip grades or “finish early” due to our belief that children must be allowed to grow and learn at the proper mental, emotional, and physical progression. Advanced learners who master lessons faster than their peers may expand their horizons through special activities, research, and various other opportunities both at home and at the KHA center.

4. Is studying Chinese required?

As a Filipino-Chinese school, Kairos does require the study of the Chinese language as part of our core curriculum. Families will be given books for this subject, and students will have regular tests and quarter exams in Chinese just like in their other academic subjects.

5. Are daily lesson plans provided?

Kairos provides textbooks and workbooks every year that are easily adaptable to a homeschool setting. Families may follow the scope and sequence of the learning materials in accordance with the official curriculum chart. There is no prescribed daily lesson plan that families are required to follow, and instructors may use whichever instruction method best suits their child.