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Inquiry Visits

Too late for the annual Open House? Set an appointment with our office, and we’ll make sure we address your concerns. Every time a family visits, we make sure to explore your unique needs as a family.

If you’re not sure about homeschooling, a visit is not a commitment! Our administrators talk with each family to help you make the best possible choice. We explore our uniquely curated curriculum, and we go in detail about every little thing that makes Kairos work.

Let us be part of your decision process! Reach us through e-mail, phone, or social media.

Chinese Education

In a growing global village, Kairos helps in equipping our children by requiring each student to learn Filipino, English, as well as Chinese throughout our grade levels. Preschool students start by listening and learning conversational Chinese, while elementary students add literacy into the mix. Students are encouraged to learn direct character recognition, without relying on phonetic symbols or picture prompts. All students are required to learn Chinese – for speaking, reading, and writing!

Let us partner with your family in raising multilingual learners. You learn a language, you open a world!

Applications 2017

Applications are officially open for school year 2017-2018! In order to avail of our full-service homeschool experience, families must submit their complete applications by March 31, 2017.

Make sure you don’t miss any requirements by visiting our application form page right here. We will contact all applicants regarding entrance interviews and acceptance soon after! Have a wonderful day!

Opening Grade 4!

Kairos is happy to announce that we are opening our doors to Grade 4 students for school year 2017-2018! Having served families in Nursery to Grade 3 during this current school year, Kairos will expand our horizons one school year at a time to meet the needs of homeschooling families. The adventure never stops!

Interested families may reach out to our office or online contacts throughout upcoming weeks to learn more about the system and our inquiry events as well. Happy homeschooling!

Open House 2017

Hi everyone! We are excited to offer the perfect opportunity to help you better understand the Kairos experience. Join us from 2-5 in the afternoon on Sunday, February 5, 2017, for a special inquiry session where you can ask questions, peruse our curriculum, tour our facilities, and meet other enrolling families.

The session will be hosted by the United Evangelical Church of Malabon at 45 Gov. Pascual Ave., Potrero, Malabon City. The location is just a few blocks away from Monumento. Please let us know if you need any assistance. We look forward to seeing you!

Christmas Break

The Kairos office will be out of reach during the Christmas holidays from December 19-31, 2016. Please contact us through e-mail or social media in case of any concerns! Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, goodwill to all men. Have a Merry Christmas!


CLASS Days are a signature event for Kairos and all our enrolled families.  Once every three weeks, students come to the Kairos center to enjoy stories, friendships, fun, and access to special learning. Each letter represents something great!

C – Chapel. Every CLASS Day, students learn important stories that encourage specific character traits. Teachers share Biblical and moral narratives that help pave the way to nurturing a child’s heart.

L – Library. The Kairos library currently stocks over 200 titles and is constantly adding more. A good book is a child’s best friend! Enrolled students are allowed to borrow up to 5 books at a time, for return during the next CLASS Day.

A – Activities. With so many families gathered together, Kairos maximizes these occasions by highlighting them with special activities. From group games to crafts, from performances to decorating, students experience collaborative projects that allow them to meet friends, make friends, and make special memories.

S – Submissions. Families enrolled in Kindergarten and upwards are allowed and encouraged to submit their tests and projects as students progress. There’s nothing more satisfactory than handing in a job well done! Test scores are emailed to families within a week of submission.

S – Support. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Teachers and other parents make themselves available each time to share tips, reference content, and provide encouragement. Ask our faculty any questions or concerns, and meet your partners in Kairos!

Hand in Hand

It takes a village to raise a child. These words hold true from generation to generation. From ancient times to today, children have needed a social context for growth – and a place to come of age in character and knowledge. For different homeschooling families, this “village” comprises various combinations of family, co-ops, churches, neighborhoods, and online communities.

At Kairos, we strive to provide constant support in every facet for both our parents and students. Let us be your village! Through phone calls, emails, texts, and social media, we reach out to our families on a regular basis. Through CLASS Days, field trips, special classes, and academic support, we walk with you, hand in hand, on your homeschool journey.

Homeschooling does not need to be a lonely endeavor! Let your child grow in the right village today.


“What about socialization?”

The question is often repeated to every single homeschool family, regardless of age, time, or location. Well-meaning loved ones often worry that children who do not regularly attend a traditional classroom will end up with no friends.

That feared result could not be further from the truth.

By allowing children to spend time both with each other and with their families, homeschooling is the perfect opportunity to experience both vertical and horizontal socialization. At Kairos, families meet at least once a month to let students enjoy time with other students. Through age-integrated activities, children become friends with both other kids and adults. Parents learn from each other as they share teaching tips and special materials.

Friends don’t always come into our lives the way we expect. The joy of homeschooling can be shared among teachers, parents, and students alike!

A Multilingual Experience

Using English as the primary mother tongue, Kairos helps our students to grow up in a multilingual environment. Science, Math, Bible, and all other academic subjects come with complete English instructions, while Chinese and Filipino are introduced as second languages at early levels. To personalise the experience further, families are also permitted to choose between Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Prepare your child to live in the world’s global village!

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